About Substance Abuse

March 27, 2008

Do not underestimate your substance abuse. It will not be nearly as easy to get out of as it was to slide into. The commitment level required can be hard to explain to the substance abuser attempting recovery.

It is can be even more difficult for the people who care about the person suffering from substance abuse. Addicts loved ones often make uninformed statements like “why don’t you just quit” or “You started this thing and now you need to stop it”. It is certainly not the speaker’s fault. If you have never suffered with substance abuse, you can’t be expected to understand it. Substance abuse recovery is not easy. No one should be expected to overcome substance abuse alone.

If defeating addiction were as easy as making the decision to stop using, drugs wouldn’t cause the damage they do. This shouldn’t be an excuse for substance abuse. We bring it up so that expectations for recovery, both the addicts and their loved ones, are realistic expectations. Substance abuse is, however, possible to overcome. Anyone can get substance abuse rehabilitation. What is impossible is going it alone. This is a common mistake in the first attempts at addiction recovery. There is a reason it is called a first attempt. There will be more attempts that follow. The attempts will continue until the addict seeks help overcoming substance abuse. Going it alone just doesn’t workWe have helped guide numerous addicts before you into overcoming substance abuse. Our experience and our drug treatment facilities have helped addicts find their way back to their normal lives. What is even better? When the addict is through with our facility they will be in an even better place than they were when they first succumbed to substance abuse. We teach them what made them susceptible to addiction. This kind of knowledge and self-awareness help them avoid falling back into substance abuse


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