Programs to solve Methamphetamine and Crystal Meth Addiction in Oregon

May 17, 2008


For the last ten years now, Oregon has embarked itself on a very aggressive plan to treat methamphetamine and crystal meth addiction within the state. Like other neighboring states, Oregon is also suffering from a major methamphetamine addiction problem, which has been compounded due to the influx of the substance from other neighboring states and countries and also because of the fact that there is a very strong underground industry that produces methamphetamine and crystal meth in Oregon.

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Crystal Meth Manufacturers Learn To Avoid Tracking

March 23, 2008


Crystal meth is made with a variety of ingredients that can be found in a local supermarket or grocery store. In order to combat the rise in meth addiction around the country, the government has passed laws limiting the amount of these products that individuals can purchase. Read more

Popularity of Crystal Meth

March 17, 2008


Crystal meth first became popular in the United States among males in San Francisco. In the past decade, it has quickly spread across most of the rest of the country. The incidence of crystal meth lab seizures has increased dramatically in some states in the matter of a year. What accounts for the fast popularity of this drug? Read more

Crystal Meth Addiction

March 15, 2008


Crystal Meth addiction is quickly becoming one of the worst drug problems in the United States. Easy availability and its popularity among teenagers has made it a real problem, even in small towns. A crystal meth addiction can have serious side effects, particularly to your teeth, your face and your overall health. Although many people begin taking this drug recreationally, they quickly find out that it is very addictive and very hard to stop on their own. Read more