Methamphetamine Addiction in Arkansas-A Rapidly Growing Drug Addiction Problem

May 14, 2008


In the recent decade, Arkansas has seen a surge in the cases of methamphetamine addiction. What is more pitiable is that this increase is seen more predominantly in the younger generation of the state.

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There is an Alcohol Addiction or Drug Addiction Treatment Program in Idaho for Everyone

May 13, 2008

Idaho is one of the states that know that problems such as alcohol addiction and drug addiction cannot just be wished away. Something very drastic needs to be done in order to overcome these scourges that are seriously coming in the way of world progress.

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The Three Basic Steps of Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Alcohol Addiction or Drug Addiciton

May 12, 2008

California has a major substance abuse problem, but at the same time, it also has major remedial machinery in place. There are drug and alcohol rehab centers in California in almost every city and region and collectively these places see about 185,000 admissions each year. Certainly this number is astronomical, but California is doing more than its best to rid itself from the substance abuse problem.

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New Forms of Drug Addiction making their Presence felt in Substance Abuse in New Hampshire

May 9, 2008


Like most other regions of the advanced world, New Hampshire is also suffering from an enormous drug addiction problem. What is making this situation more drastic is that there is a spate of new drugs entering into this region.

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Locating Drug Rehab and Drug Addiction Treatment Centers in Texas

May 7, 2008

The wild country culture of Texas has been synonymous with drug abuse and drug addiction for several years. Indeed, Texas is one of the strongholds of drug addiction in the US, with about 40,000 people looking for alcohol as well as drug related addictions each year.

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Drug Rehab Treatment Resources-The Drug Treatment Program Needs to be Dynamic

May 5, 2008

There are many things that need to be considered quite stringently when looking for a drug rehabilitation program, but sadly, most people overlook these points. One of such points is that people do not care much whether the drug rehabilitation program is going to be dynamic or not. Most of the drug rehab programs today are customizing themselves according to the patient’s requirements and they are providing exactly the kind of care and treatment that the patient needs. But there are still a lot of programs that disregard this fact.

You have to understand that drug addiction is an ever-changing problem for a person. No person is going to have the same level of addiction or the same kind of health for ever. Since drug rehab programs will continue for long periods of time, including their aftercare counseling, it is necessary that this point must be taken into account.

Then you must consider the situation when there is a relapse. In cases of relapse, the rehab program for the second instance needs to be quite different from the first. Since the first program failed at effectively keeping the person away from the drug habit, the second program needs to be more intense. A program that remains rigid and does not change its methods from person to person and time to time is not going to help much if the person has a relapse.

When you are looking for a drug rehabilitation program for yourself or for someone else, speak with them what they will do in a situation of relapse. Their answer to this question will guide you in whether or not you should choose them for the treatment.

Substance Abuse Resources-How can Drug Addiciton in Preganant Women affect the Fetus

May 3, 2008


If a pregnant woman abuses chemical substances including most drugs and alcohol, then she is creating severe health problems not only to herself but also to the fetus developing inside her womb.

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Substance Abuse Resources-A Fact File on LSD Drug Addiction

May 1, 2008


LSD stands for lysergic acid diethylamide. It is a very addictive drug that is used by substance abusers all over the world due to its pronounced effects of creating a false sense of felicity. The drug has hallucinogenic effects and can alter moods.

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Teen Drug Abuse and Drug Addiction

April 28, 2008

Drug addiction has always been a major problem the world has had to contend with, but in recent times this problems is slipping to the lower-age population of society with amazing alacrity. It is alarming enough to know that 20% of the teenagers in the eighth grade in the US have already tried marijuana and that 40% of the teenage population says openly that they do not mind using drugs in the future.

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Myths about drug treatment

April 22, 2008

Drug treatment is seen by many as a positive situation. Others see drug treatment in a somewhat negative light, however. They fail to see drug treatment as a way for someone to help themselves get over a drug addiction or a drug abuse problem.

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