Things that Stop People from Going for a Substance Abuse Treatment Program

April 24, 2008

There are thousands of substance abuse treatment centers and countless treatment programs available in them, but it is strange to see that there are still people who are reluctant to make the best use of these programs available. The main reason is that there is still a lot of intimidation and scare associated with these treatment centers.

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Substance Abuse Treatment Programs for Gay People

April 19, 2008


There are many different drug rehabs that offer specialized programs that focus on different populations. Treatment programs have been designed exclusively for men, women, teens, eating disorder sufferers, but are there treatment programs uniquely set up for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-gender population?

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Over the Counter Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment

April 18, 2008


Many people don’t think of over the counter drugs being addictive, but the fact is that many people abuse an over the counter cough and cold medicine called dextromethorphan. Generally this drug otherwise known as DXM, is abused by teenagers and young adults looking for an expensive and easy to access high.

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Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

April 14, 2008

For all practical purposes, substance abuse treatment programs employ a three-stage agenda — detoxification, followed by treatment, and finally relapse prevention. There are three forms of treatment programs that are the subject of this content, namely programs that us medicinal treatment, behavioral treatments, and treatment programs within the criminal justice system.

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Research Studies Link Substance Abuse and Stress

April 13, 2008

Stress affects us all at one point or another. But for the recovering drug addict, they are especially vulnerable to the affects of stress.

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The Dangers of Substance Abuse

April 6, 2008


Substance abuse is an incredibly important subject that many consciously look over or around. Substance abuse can ruin someone’s life; drug abuse can cause someone to lose everything they have. They get lost in the haze of substance abuse, and often fail to recognize the effects that the abuse is having on their body. Those around them understand the issues that arise, but many do not understand the dangers that come with substance abuse.

Depending on the substance that is being abused, health is a huge dangerous factor of drug abuse. Any substance that can be abused can be dangerous to the body; drugs can cause harm. Alcohol can harm internal organs. Pills and the like, taken in a wrong combination, can be harmful and fatal. Substance abuse can hurt or kill the user. This is the immediate danger of substance abuse.

Substance abuse can cause someone to ruin the relationships that they have in their life. Those under the influence often do not understand their actions or words. Unfortunately, these words and actions can hurt family members and friends. These family members and friends become tired of the individual with the drug addiction; relationships become damaged, and can be ruined beyond repair.

The money spent on substance abuse can cause major financial problems for the user. If they are using their rent, car, or grocery money on the substances that they are abusing, they will begin to lose their car and their home. They can go days without eating, all for their substance abuse habits.

Substance abuse can be dangerous in multiple ways. It can be harmful to someone’s health. Substance abuse can ruin relationships. Substance abuse can make those with the issue blow through their money and forget their basic needs. It is important to understand the dangers of substance abuse so that you may help someone who is suffering.

Getting Credible Advice in Substance Abuse Recovery

April 3, 2008


One of the forms of support that people need through the process of recovery from drug and alcohol abuse is having individuals who can they can turn to for advice and knowledge. This includes friends and family as well as professionals.

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About Substance Abuse

March 27, 2008

Do not underestimate your substance abuse. It will not be nearly as easy to get out of as it was to slide into. The commitment level required can be hard to explain to the substance abuser attempting recovery.

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Substance Abusers Need Professional Help From a Substance Abuse Program

March 24, 2008


It may sound odd but substance abusers must enter into a substance abusers treatment programs.  It may seem obvious but what substance abusers do not know or what they choose not to believe is that they are substance abusers and professional treatment is necessary for them at a substance abusers rehab program.  Read more

Ecstasy Facts

March 19, 2008


Ecstasy is a drug that is associated with strong emotional feelings of well-being and warmth. It is one of the drugs that people refer to as club drugs, because they are often used at all-night raves, in clubs, bars, at concerts, and at dance parties. Ecstasy is a dangerous drug on its own, but even more so when it is taken along with alcohol or other drugs. Ecstasy is usually taken in a pill form, but it’s sometimes crushed so that the user can inject or snort it. The effects of the drug usually last up to six hours, though unpleasant side effects can occur for much longer. Read more

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