Crystal Meth Addiction-Why is it a Gay Favorite?

May 4, 2008


Crystal meth is one of the most popular drugs favored by the gay community today, especially in US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Rough estimates suggest that the use of crystal meth is concentrated in those pockets of the world that have a sizable gay population. So what are the qualities in crystal meth that makes it a popular choice for homosexuals who are into drug addiction?Both the biological as well as the psychological need may be an answer to this.

Crystal meth is always used in groups. It is almost never used as an individual drug. At the same time, the drug causes a very drastic high. When a person is using crystal meth, a high is produced very quickly and it makes the person totally forget what is going around them. The only awareness is of the natural instincts, which includes the need for sexual promiscuity. Crystal meth breaks down all inhibitions and leads people to have sexual encounters with each other. This sense of liberation is well appreciated by the gay community, who readily accept using crystal meth to break down their inhibitions and engage in sexual encounters.

But the psychological need is also quite significant. People from the gay community have to face a lot of psychological problems, including rejection and social ridicule. Years of homophobia may also have caused depressions and anxieties in them for which the high produced by methamphetamine can be a good solution.

For all these reasons, crystal meth is one of the most popular drug in the gay circuits.


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