Early Intervention is Best

March 12, 2008


Family and friends often are not sure how to handle a loved ones’ addiction problem. The best time to encourage an individual to seek treatment for their drug and alcohol abuse is as soon as possible. The faster the person seeks addiction treatment, the easier and more effective it will be. Alcohol and drug addiction does not just go away or get better on its own. The recovery process requires work, preferably with the support of loved ones.

An early intervention can help the addict work on these problems before their life completely spirals out of control. There are various stages of alcoholism and drug abuse. Treatment is simpler when the individual is still in the social stage. This means that the addiction has not completely taken over the person’s live. It generally involves social drinking and using drugs with friends. It’s usually easier to convince the addict that they need rehabilitation help while in this stage.

At later points when addiction becomes more severe, all of their thoughts and behaviors revolve around obtaining more drugs and alcohol. Their thinking is even more clouded by the toxins in their body and the changes that drug and alcohol abuse have created in their brain. They will no longer be logical or reasonable when discussing treatment centers. It’s best to plan an intervention and seek a rehab program before it moves to that stage.

The goal of an intervention is to get an addict to agree to seek help. Having an intervention at later point in the addiction is better than not doing it at all, but the earlier it’s done, the better. A drug and alcohol intervention should be planned with the help of a trained professional to be most effective and avoid making the situation worse than it already is. Always avoid attacking the addict in an intervention, as this will only anger them and fail to produce the desired result of rehabilitation.


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