Ecstasy Facts

March 19, 2008


Ecstasy is a drug that is associated with strong emotional feelings of well-being and warmth. It is one of the drugs that people refer to as club drugs, because they are often used at all-night raves, in clubs, bars, at concerts, and at dance parties. Ecstasy is a dangerous drug on its own, but even more so when it is taken along with alcohol or other drugs. Ecstasy is usually taken in a pill form, but it’s sometimes crushed so that the user can inject or snort it. The effects of the drug usually last up to six hours, though unpleasant side effects can occur for much longer.

One of the characteristics of this club drug is that it harms the body’s ability to regulate body temperature. It also has effects of increased pulse rate and increased blood pressure. Due to this, ecstasy can cause hyperthermia in which the body is unable to cool itself down. This condition can lead to organ failure and eventually death if the individual does not get medical treatment.

Other side effects of this drug include confusion, nausea, chills, sweating, depression, teeth clenching, tension in the muscles, sleep issues, dizziness, and anxiety. Even using ecstasy a single time damages the brain, and long-term use can negatively alter the individual’s mood permanently.

Some of the signs that someone may be using ecstasy are depression, confusion, dental issues, dizziness, forgetfulness, thirstiness, and fainting. Ecstasy is a dangerous drug, and most people don’t realize how harmful even occasional use of it can be. People who have a drug addiction or drug abuse problem with ecstasy should seek help from and addiction treatment center. Many methods can be used in combination to treat ecstasy addiction at a rehab facility, including drug detox, counseling, cognitive-behavioral therapy, support groups, life skills training, and addiction education.


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