Factors that Cause Drug Abuse

March 30, 2008


Drug abuse can be caused by many different things. It’s not always about a weakness of character or to have fun. When people are young, many of them who turn to drug abuse may at first do so out of peer pressure, but there are other factors.

An abusive childhood can leave emotional baggage that the person feels is only escapable by drug abuse, or perhaps sexual abuse occurred, which would have much the same result. Some people have chronic illnesses that cause physical pain, so they turn to drugs like opiates or marijuana, or prescription painkillers to relieve their pain. Some people may also feel bored with their life and feel that drugs may alter their perspective, or the want to experiement. Sometimes a physical imbalance of chemicals in the brain can lead to emotional disorders.Unlearning harmful behavior is what many drug treatment centers help the addict to accomplish. The focus on making the change in outlook and behavior habitual rather than medical or psychological, which is vital to a continued long-term success. Some addicts believe that the physical detox is the only step to recovery. This is only getting rid of the toxins. After detox, it’s necessary to begin unlearning the old harmful habits and relearning newer and more constructive ones. Depending on the drug being withdrawn  from, this can be a very challenging road. With persistence and determination, it can be accomplished.

The purpose of cognitive-behavioral therapy is to teach the recovering addict ways to healthily deal with these underlying issues once they are discharged from treatment, such as being approached by a friend or how to avoid past drug activity. The drug treatment centers understand that the need to indulge in drugs often comes form other circumstances, such as a tough childhood, and therefore does CB therapy to help the addict get past the underlying issues.


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