Facts About Teen Drug Addiction

April 4, 2008


Most parents seem to feel that it’s okay for their teen to be abusing milder drugs, like alcohol, in case they don’t know about the harder ones, like crack, meth or heroin. Alcohol kills at least five times the number of teenagers than most other drugs combined, and this is usually because of accidents.

Drug and alcohol abuse treatment centers can help to stop this tide. There are many negative effects of drug use in teens, and these are why it’s a good idea to have them seek drug abuse treatment, should it be needed. Some of the actual drug abuse statistics are rather alarming, to see that drug abuse can even start as far back as middle school.50% of teenagers overall have had alcohol or other drugs at least once, and 32% have been drunk or under the influence at least once. If it should happen that a teen is in need of drug abuse treatment, you can put them in a drug rehab program. This will set them on the right path before the process is irreversible. There were 30.3% of students who had tried alcohol, marijuana or meth in 2003 in the average 8th grade. A sample taken of 10th graders saw that percentage increase to 45%, and by senior year of high school, 12th grade, that number had increased yet again to 53%. Att least 58 billion dollars per year, which is enough to buy a new computer for every student, goes into containing and stopping teenage drug abuse.

Unlearning harmful behavior is whar many drug treatment centers help the addict to accomplish. The focus on making the change in outlook and behavior habitual rather than medical or psychological, which is vital to a continued long-term success. Some addicts believe that the physical detox is the only step to recovery. This is only getting rid of the toxins. After detox, it’s necessary to begin unlearning the old harmful habits and relearning newer and more constructive ones. Depending on the drug being withdrawn from, this can be a very challenging road. With persistence and determination, it can be accomplished.


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