Family Codependency and how it interferes in Rehab Treatment for Alcohol Addiction in Georgia

June 9, 2008

Without knowing it, most families are becoming responsible for fostering the problem of alcohol abuse in Georgia, making it quite difficult for the treatment program to overcome the problem. This is the issue of codependency. By definition, codependency occurs when an external agency helps in someone’s addiction. The family can help in aggravating the condition of addiction in people. Let us see how.

When families come to know that there is someone with an alcohol problem in their midst, several thoughts play in their mind. One of these thoughts is about social ridicule. In order to avoid the non-acceptance they may face in various social fields, families try to hide the individual’s alcohol problem. As a result, the person gets the message that the addiction is not such a big problem after all and that the family is there to support if needed. This may cause the addiction to exacerbate and of course, the person will be kept away from treatment too.

In this manner, unwittingly, most Georgian families are keeping their people away from getting the right kind of treatment. The campaigning of various centers for alcohol addiction treatment in Georgia stresses quite emphatically on the issue of codependency in families that keep people into alcoholism. The alcohol treatment program in Georgia counsels families on codependency and how they can avoid this situation. You can also get help from any alcohol intervention in Georgia on how to deal with problems of codependency and in fact become a constructive force in the treatment of the patient.


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