Gay Drug Rehab and Methamphetamine Addiction in New Mexico

June 8, 2008

Over the last decade, methamphetamine has posed a severe threat to the state of New Mexico. The problem has increased due to the double pronged presence of the drug within the state, which comes through trafficking from the neighboring states and some foreign countries as well as by local production in some clandestinely operated laboratories strewn all over the state. A lot of study has gone into analyzing the trends of meth addiction in New Mexico, but one important finding that has emerged is the preference of the gay population of the state to abuse this drug.

One of the reasons why the methamphetamine substance abuse in New Mexico is concentrated among the gay people is that the local meth labs that produce the drug in the state distribute it within the gay nightclubs and the rave parties. Gay people also prefer methamphetamine because of its immediate aphrodisiacal effect which is coupled with the very emphatic high that it produces. This is what makes methamphetamine the perfect party drug, whether for gay people or otherwise.

A lot of centers for meth rehab in New Mexico are gay-oriented. These centers understand the problems of the gay population and also understand why it may be difficult and inconvenient for them to get treatment in some of the general treatment centers of the world. Such gay-oriented rehabs are free from issues such as homophobia and can provide sensitive treatment to the gay people of the state.


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