Heroin Addiction and Heroin Treatment

April 20, 2008

When you are in the midst of a heroin addiction, it can be very tough to recognize that you need help. While it is very easy to become addicted, the warning signs that your health is failing may be harder to address.

This is a very serious drug with extremely serious side effects. There is no such thing as a recreational heroin habit. With one wrong dose you can end up dead within a matter of minutes. This is not an addiction to play around with and seeking heroin treatment is essential for survival.Once a patient enters a heroin treatment center, the staff there will evaluate their case and decide which methods are best for treating the heroin addiction. For most patients, this means going on methadone for a short period of time to help wean them off of heroin. However, you will need to make sure that the staff at the heroin treatment center is well versed in the administration of methadone. Everyone absorbs this drug differently and it can be just as deadly as heroin. However, with the proper medical care, it is absolutely safe. It is best to find an inpatient heroin treatment center since you will need to be monitored closely for the first two weeks. Although this period can be very difficult, when you are in a heroin treatment center you can get assistance with your side effects.

A heroin addiction is a serious problem, but help is available.


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