How does a Faith-based Treatment Program for Alcohol Addiction in Idaho work?

June 24, 2008

Since the last thirty years or so, there have been several faith-based programs for alcohol treatment in Idaho. These programs are quite prominently present even today, and the thing to note is that they have remained in almost the same format as they were present thirty years ago when they first made their appearance in the state. This only goes to say how effective these programs of alcohol addiction treatment in Idaho are.

Any faith-based form of addiction treatment in Idaho will follow a few basic steps, though the actual program for each of them will be different. The first step in these treatment programs is helping the person to understand that there is some problem with them that needs treatment. This is the stage when the person is overcoming the denial process. This phase itself may take a long period of time, because overcoming denial is never easy. But once that is done, there is a call on the Higher Power that the person believes in to come and intervene in the treatment process. This works for people who have deep religious bents of mind, because it reassures them that a Higher Power is helping them with the treatment.

Once this is done, the person is assigned a volunteer whom they can work with. The person will assess and analyze the various things that went wrong in his or her life due to the addiction, in which the volunteer will help. The volunteer will then provide counseling on ways in which these wrongs can be set right. This is a ploy to make the person understand better how his or her addiction affects self and other people. It becomes a very important strategy for moving towards complete recovery.


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