How Drug Abuse can Affect Your Career

April 15, 2008


Drug abuse is something that is viewed differently, by different people, depending on the case. For many, when they hear of drugs such as crystal meth and cocaine, they carry some negative connotations.

They understand the weight of the situation, and the harms and dangers that can come with drug abuse such as that. When they hear of things such as drug abuse connected with marijuana, however, they do not fully understand the affects that it can have. They fail to realize that drug abuse can affect family and friends. They often do not understand that something as simple but important as a career can be affected by drug abuse.Let’s start off with the obvious importance of attendance. A career is not like a school career; it is not easy to just “skip” out on work all of the time. Someone who is consistently late to work will not be held in high regard in the company. Simply missing a few days of work without a call, or coming in late to a week or two’s worth of work can be enough to get someone fired.

Many jobs and careers require drug tests. Someone with a drug addiction problem will fail these tests consistently. Many employers will refuse to hire someone who tests positive for drugs. Because drugs are illegal, employers who find an employee with a drug abuse problem can, and will, let that worker go.

If someone has lost a job due to drugs, it can be devastating. In the career world, references are incredibly important. Failed drug tests and horrible references (assuming there are any) can cause someone to have nothing resembling an actual career. Drug abuse can cause someone to lose more than a job; it can completely ruin an attempt at a career.


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