How is a Heroin Detox conducted in a Rehab Center in Virginia?

June 21, 2008

Heroin is a very powerful addictive substance. Being an opioid, it needs another opioid to resist its urge. In the detox program in Virginia, methadone is used since the past 30 years to curb the urges that heroin produces. Methadone is itself an opioid. When the person is put on a methadone therapy, the urge for heroin begins to reduce effectively. This is why the person will not find the strong withdrawal effects that are so very common when a person is put on heroin treatment in Virginia. However, the treatment provider must ensure that methadone is given regularly, because even a single skipped dose of methadone can cause withdrawal.

Also, methadone itself is a habit-forming drug. Hence, you will find it very difficult to find a treatment center in Virginia that gives a methadone heroin detox treatment in an outpatient form. Since the drug can fatally react with other forms of medication and an overdose can be fatal too, the highly sensitive methadone treatment is preferably provided in an inpatient manner through a doctor who is qualified with heroin addiction treatment from an organization like ASAM.

Another option for heroin addiction treatment in Virginia is buprenorphine. This is a much recently introduced form of medication in the state. This is much milder that methadone as a habit-former and is easier to give in an outpatient basis. Also, buprenorphine does not cause as many nasty pangs of withdrawal as methadone does.

It is essential that a heroin treatment qualified doctor provides such a treatment in Virginia. Experience also matters in a significant manner.


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