How is a Typical Intervention Program in Minnesota planned to help with Drug Abuse?

May 24, 2008

A structured intervention program can go a long way in helping people find addiction treatment for themselves and return back to a sober life. This kind of intervention program is very prevalent in the addiction treatment program of Minnesota. The intervention helps people to enter into a sustainable treatment method for their addiction and even carry it out till the end and live constructively. But it is important that the intervention program is planned out beforehand so that it serves the purpose. The following is the typical pattern in which a drug intervention in Minnesota is planned.

1. The first step is to involve an experienced intervention specialist who will help and guide the intervening people in how to make the program successful. Such an intervention specialist can be easily found over the Internet, or through directly contacting the state health website.
2. Then a group of three to six people are collected who are directly connected with the patient. These people could be from family, friends and even employers. The people should have an impact on the person’s life.
3. There’s a meeting where the intervention specialist helps these people to prepare for the intervention, which basically involves getting the patient to treatment. Speeches for each person of the congregation are prepared.
4. A rehearsal of the entire session is done before actually speaking with the patient.
5. At the same time, an addiction treatment center in Minnesota is contacted where the person can be placed if he or she agrees to the treatment following the success of the intervention program.


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