Illinois Offers Vouchers for Addiction Treatment

March 11, 2008


There is a piece of good news for people seeking an addiction recovery program in the state of Illinois. A grant termed Access to Recovery will provide many new options in substance abuse treatment for citizens of this state. The $13.9 million grant was announced recently by the Illinois Department of Human Services. Their plan is for that large sum of money to be able to help more that six thousand people get help for their alcohol and drug addictions. This money for Access to Recovery came from a program set up by the federal government.

Some things that the grant and Access to Recovery will work towards include expanding treatment for meth, helping people in the legal system who deal with drug addiction and alcohol addictions, and setting up a program that will involve evaluations, interventions, and making referrals for addiction treatment.

One of the most exciting parts of Access to Recovery for addicts in Illinois who want to seek addiction treatment is their planned voucher program. Citizens of the state will be able to receive vouchers that can be used to pay for the drug rehab treatment of their choice. The Secretary of the Department of Human Services recognized the need for individuals to be able to choose the treatment center that would best suit their individual needs. Addicts will be able to get the type of help that will benefit them most. The vouchers should be able to be used for a variety of treatment programs. Rehab services with a community origin or religious focus will be eligible.

The service is kicking off with well over one hundred treatment programs where vouchers can be redeemed, and they plan to add more in the future. In order to benefit from this program, drug and alcohol addicts must go through an interview and then choose a rehab program.


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