Implementation of Dual Diagnosis in the Treatment Program of Alcohol Addiction in Texas

May 23, 2008

The statistics on alcohol addiction treatment in Texas reveal that for every two people admitted to a rehab center with an alcohol problem, one has a psychiatric problem to go along with the addiction. That means mental failings go almost hand in hand with addiction in the state of Texas. This is a grave situation indeed, one that must be tackled with great sensitivity. That is the reason why the addiction treatment program in Texas implements what is known as the dual diagnosis program.

It is called dual diagnosis because it treats both alcohol addiction as well as psychiatric problems. It is easy to understand why alcoholics with a psychiatric problem will be more difficult to treat than those who have a healthy mind. People who have psychiatric weaknesses will not be able to work up the determination that is needed to abstain from the alcohol. That is the reason even their detox will need to be done in a different way. A qualified medical expert will know how to impart the sensitivity that the program demands.

Once the detox program is completed, the patient is led to an aftercare that consists of a psychiatric analysis. The psychiatrist will analyze what mental conditions he or she has and how it overbears on the drinking problem. With that known, suitable treatment measures are outlined. Thus, the addiction treatment and the psychiatric treatment go on side by side. It is easy to understand why such a program will be very difficult to succeed soon. Even the relapse prevention done in dual diagnosis in alcohol addiction treatment program in Texas is different from relapse prevention done for people without psychiatric problems.


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