Juvenile Drug Addiction and Alcohol Addiction in Idaho

May 20, 2008

Juvenile alcohol addiction and drug addiction in Idaho is as big a problem within the state as it is in various other states of America. While the whole country is burning under these problems, Idaho is definitely taking some steps towards stopping such problems.

1. There is a well defined program for alcohol intervention in Idaho to help the state cope with the problem. This state controlled program helps people to know about the extent of alcohol addiction in youngsters and helps them to find suitable treatment measures. In fact, this program is very efficient in bringing most people to treatment who otherwise would not even have recognized they have a problem.
2. There are now stricter laws on alcohol consumption and drug abuse in Idaho, especially for the teenagers. Underage drinking is strictly frowned down upon, and traffic laws for DUI have become much tauter than they were before. Drug courts are ordering more teenage offenders into alcohol and drug rehab in Idaho than previously.
3. There is also a significant awareness campaign in the state at the school and college level that is persistently running and making the youth aware of the vices of both alcoholism and drug addiction. This campaign is helping significantly in increasing the age of children who are beginning with alcohol abuse in Idaho.
4. There are also several alcohol and drug rehabs that now directly focus on the youth. These rehabs deal with issues relating to the drug addiction and alcohol addiction too, and not just the addictions. They also help these youth to reinstate themselves into a sober life when their addiction treatment is over.


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