Juvenile Prescription Drug Abuse and Drug Addiction in Vermont

May 29, 2008

Instances of prescription drug addiction in Vermont are rising. The trends in recent years conducted by state authorities show that the number of adolescents and young adults who are into prescription drug abuse in the state is fairly increasing with each passing year. In some regions, these statistics are as alarming as the statistics for methamphetamine usage in other states. Though methamphetamine addiction in Vermont is also present, it is not at a very significant rate. But this is covered by the large number of youth that are hooked to prescription drugs.

Actually, a lot of youth in Vermont are addicted to cough syrup, which is incidentally an ingredient required to prepare methamphetamine and crystal meth. Since cough syrup is available easily over the counter and without any prescription, it becomes a very easy target for the youth of the state who use it to get the high that some people get by using narcotic drugs.

Keeping all this in mind, definite guidelines and several programs have been included to prevent prescription drug abuse in Vermont.

In all educational institutions, there are substance abuse cells that train youngsters about what prescription drugs actually contain and why they can be harmful to the body. They are told that prescription drugs are just as harmful as the other drugs are and they can create as much havoc in the body as the nonprescription drugs can.

In addition, the parents are thoroughly counseled and educated on how they can read the signs that their children are into some kind of prescription drug abuse. The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program of Vermont has several preventive programs delineated specifically for answering juvenile prescription drug addiction in Vermont. The key is in understanding the issue and taking remedial measures at the right time.


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