Methamphetamine Addiction in Arkansas-A Rapidly Growing Drug Addiction Problem

May 14, 2008


In the recent decade, Arkansas has seen a surge in the cases of methamphetamine addiction. What is more pitiable is that this increase is seen more predominantly in the younger generation of the state.

Though Arkansas was until lately considered to be on the safe side as regards methamphetamine addiction, the availability and usage of the drug are definitely a problem of concern presently.The main reason for the upswing in the methamphetamine addiction in Arkansas is because of its easy availability within the state. Arkansas sees an influx of methamphetamine from two main sources. The primary source is the illegal trafficking that operates from the Mexican region into the state. But, the second source of methamphetamine in Arkansas is rapidly gaining in strength. This is the locally produced methamphetamine. Methamphetamine is a synthetic drug that can be prepared in chemical laboratories using common household ingredients, one of them being pseudoephedrine which is commonly found in cough syrups. Today, Arkansas has several such secretly operating home laboratories where methamphetamine is produced. This methamphetamine is directly made available to the local population, including the teenagers and young adults in nightclubs and in rave parties.

Considering the rapidly increasing methamphetamine addiction in Arkansas, the state has begun investing a lot of efforts and money in raising machinery that could help the state come out of the problem. There are several centers for meth rehab in Arkansas that are engineered to specifically deal with this problem and help people with the severe withdrawal symptoms that a meth addiction is associated with.


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