March 13, 2008


There are a lot of common misperceptions about drug addiction and the treatment of drug abusers. While everyone agrees in that drug use is bad the public associates the problems of most addicts with drugs. The war on drugs was the big push in the 80’s and 90’s. While that movement was beneficial, it was mostly beneficial in showing us that we were attacking the wrong portion of the problem. The majority of the problems when it comes to substance abuse result from the addiction not from the drug.

Our treatment programs will address the drugs. This is done primarily to educate you about the damage that is being done to your body. It also helps to recover from the lingering effects of drug abuse, by being aware of the things that are going on with your mind and body.

The main focus of treatment though, will be addiction. Addiction is after all the real source of the problem. Prescription pills, morphine, even marijuana all have medicinal value. It is the compulsion of the users addictive personality which leads to abuse and ends up requiring drug abuse rehabilitation.

This type of knowledge and insight is the reason addicts can’t reasonably be expected to “tough it out” and go through substance abuse recovery alone. While some addicts may find some semblance of recovery on their own this is usually fleeting and short lived. Usually the self managed recovery involves becoming a “dry drunk” while the term , referring to the difference between managing to mot use and finding real recovery, is borrowed from alcoholism, as we discussed above it is not the drug of choice that matters but the nature of addiction.

We can provide the addict with true rehabilitation by attacking the addiction with tools that will lead to life long recovery.


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