New Forms of Drug Addiction making their Presence felt in Substance Abuse in New Hampshire

May 9, 2008


Like most other regions of the advanced world, New Hampshire is also suffering from an enormous drug addiction problem. What is making this situation more drastic is that there is a spate of new drugs entering into this region.

One of these is the deadly addicting methamphetamine, popularly known here as crystal meth, which can produce an uncontrollable high in the user and make them do things that they normally won’t do. This drug has become very popular in the nightclub culture of New Hampshire, where it is being consumed by, and consuming, a large number of teens.Methamphetamine addiction in New Hampshire is fueled by the fact that this drug is quite easily obtainable from the nearby states as well as some other countries like Mexico. Drug trafficking organizations from other countries are quite active in this area and they ensure a steady supply of crystal meth in New Hampshire. It’s not just the outside influx though; recently a large number of small laboratories have mushroomed in the area which are each generating as much as 10 pounds of the drug in a day and distributing it in the local area.

Apart from methamphetamine, there are other club drugs that are adding to the problem of drug addiction in New Hampshire. Some of these names are MDMA, which is chemically related to methamphetamine and popularly known as Ecstasy, GHB, LSD and ketamine. Each of these drugs has their specific effects, notably the feeling of high euphoria that they produce. Today, drug rehab centers in New Hampshire are battling the twin problems of treating traditional drug addictions like those of cocaine and heroin and treating the problem of these new entrants on the substance abuse scene in the state.


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