Over the Counter Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment

April 18, 2008


Many people don’t think of over the counter drugs being addictive, but the fact is that many people abuse an over the counter cough and cold medicine called dextromethorphan. Generally this drug otherwise known as DXM, is abused by teenagers and young adults looking for an expensive and easy to access high.

Despite what many might think, this drug is anything but harmless. To achieve the high they are looking for a user must take this drug in large quantities and that can cause insomnia, delusions and even brain damage. Being addicted to cough syrup is no laughing matter and if you are abusing cough syrup it is essential that you seek help immediately.  While there is no known physical drug addiction to cough syrup or DXM, it can be very psychologically addictive. The first thing that you should do is seek the advice of an addiction treatment. Generally speaking you will need therapy to discover why you were abusing this drug. Often it may be necessary for you to have a medical evaluation to make sure that the drug has not done any permanent damage, especially if you have been experiencing any mental or neurological symptoms. The substance abuse of cough syrup is a relatively new phenomenon and their is no specific protocol in which patients need to be treated. However, if you are abusing a substance seeking treatment and having a therapist create an individualized program can be extremely useful. As with any drug quitting on your own can be difficult and support is essential to recovery.


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