People over 65 are High Risk Groups for Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol Addiction

May 2, 2008


Alcoholism is not just a problem of the young and the active working population of the world. It is also a very rampant geriatric problem all over the world.

There are an astonishing number of people in the age group of over 65 years who are consuming alcohol to very dangerous limits. The problem is so drastic that the highest number of people dying because of alcohol addiction is usually of this age group. The mortality rate is higher in this age bracket because at an advanced age, the body may have become completely immune to long years of alcohol abuse and that is why it would want a high amount of the substance to seek the same kind of satisfaction. Also, senior people will not want to get admitted in places like alcohol rehab centers simply because they think that they have sustained an alcohol habit for the better part of their lives and will be able to do so for ever.Most seniors have an alcohol habit that they have continued from their younger days. However, in their younger days, they may not have got the liberties to consume as much alcohol as they wanted due to pressures of work and family. Now, after retirement they can spend more time with the bottle, and usually being the oldest people in the house, there will be few who will interrupt their habit. That is the reason they drink much more freely than younger people, and to much higher levels of dangerousness.

Predictably, alcohol rehab centers report a very low population of older people who check in for treatment. They are sure there are many more aged people out there who are killing themselves slowly with alcohol. It is time society made efforts to get these people rehabilitated for alcohol addiction treatment.


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