Popularity of Crystal Meth

March 17, 2008


Crystal meth first became popular in the United States among males in San Francisco. In the past decade, it has quickly spread across most of the rest of the country. The incidence of crystal meth lab seizures has increased dramatically in some states in the matter of a year. What accounts for the fast popularity of this drug?

First of all, methamphetamine is easy to make and get hold of. It’s possibly to run to a few stores to gather supplies, and then come back home and cook meth. Other popular illegal drugs like cocaine and marijuana either need to imported or grown. These methods take longer and make the drugs more expensive. News stories about small meth labs being busted are frequent. Big-time dealers of crystal meth include organized crime in Mexico.

Meth gives users a dopamine rush of 600 times the normal levels in the brain. This is an intense high that’s very pleasurable. Crystal meth addiction happens quickly due to the psychological effects of the drug. Users feel that they are superhuman and smarter than the rest of the world. They are able to hyper-focus on tasks and have extreme amounts of energy. Of course, this is followed by an extreme low period, but the high accounts for a lot of the growing popularity of meth addiction.

Because of the first two reasons, a meth addiction is inexpensive compared to other drug addictions. This is another factor in its popularity in the United States. A crystal meth high lasts as long as twelve hours, or even more. On the other hand, most other drugs only last a couple of hours. Each dose of crystal meth is cheaper than these other drugs. The fact that meth is easy to produce and doesn’t have to travel far also makes it cheaper.

Methamphetamine addiction is considered the most difficult type to treat. An extended stay in a rehab facility is usually necessary for successful recovery.


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