Preparing for Alcohol Abuse Intervention for an Older Adult

April 29, 2008


Things are much different when you are preparing for an intervention for an older person who is into alcohol addiction. You cannot tackle things in the same way as you would do for a younger person.

When explaining things to younger alcoholics, you might say about how it can land them in jail for drunken driving, how it can break their marriages, etc. But for older people, you cannot say much about this. Since they will not be driving much, you cannot scare them with DUI. Since they will be retired, you cannot tell them about losing their job. You will find it very difficult to come up with plausible points when explaining to adults that they have to give up alcoholism. Now, does that mean that older people can drink to their heart’s content?Not at all! Even though they may not have many lifestyle reasons to give up the bottle, they do have all the health reasons that the younger people have. This is what your main point of the intervention meeting with them can be. You can tell about diseases like cirrhosis of the liver, obesity, atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular problems, etc. This can create the feeling in them that they must quit and go in for treatment.

But the best way to take on intervention when an older person is involved is to show them that you love them and want them back into the family. Express your love to them. Show them that they are wanted. You know how to do that best because these are your own people.

When you speak to older adults about the health problems that can occur and about the love you have for them, they will be much inclined to go for an alcohol addiction treatment program


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