Programs to solve Methamphetamine and Crystal Meth Addiction in Oregon

May 17, 2008


For the last ten years now, Oregon has embarked itself on a very aggressive plan to treat methamphetamine and crystal meth addiction within the state. Like other neighboring states, Oregon is also suffering from a major methamphetamine addiction problem, which has been compounded due to the influx of the substance from other neighboring states and countries and also because of the fact that there is a very strong underground industry that produces methamphetamine and crystal meth in Oregon.

Oregon’s attack on its methamphetamine and crystal meth problem has been two-fold: one, to strictly curb any illegal trafficking of the drug into the state and two, to try and clean up all the meth labs within the state.It is not difficult to understand why severe measures are being implemented to address the problem of methamphetamine addiction in Oregon. The state has the highest rate of methamphetamine related hospitalization in the nation. The vast array of problems that methamphetamine can product include meth mouth, poor memory, impaired concentration, loss of facial beauty, aging of the brain and immunity to experience pleasure. It is also right that people who are in methamphetamine find it very difficult to make a full recovery but concerted efforts are being made in the centers for meth rehab in Oregon to help people to get to their recovery.

The state government funds and regulates various programs for meth rehab and also provides several options for counseling people who are in search of help. You can easily find a helpline for meth abuse in Oregon by searching on the Internet. These are 24/7 helpline numbers that are always ready to help you out with any issues relating to methamphetamine.


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