Root Causes of Alcohol Abuse

April 5, 2008


One of the most important things that is done in alcohol rehabilitation treatment programs is discovering why an addict began drinking excessively in the beginning. Until this issue is resolved, making real progress can be difficult.

This is because this thing will serve as a major trigger for the individual. The next time the problem comes up after they leave a rehab center, they are likely to relapse if they have not dealt with it effectively. This is usually done primarily in individual counseling sessions. The root causes of alcohol abuse vary widely from person to person, though there are some elements that show up frequently. They can be physical, emotional, mental, or even spiritual in nature.Psychological sources of alcoholism can be anything from a childhood trauma to a dual diagnosis. Mental illness has a big effect on substance abuse, and the two conditions occur together frequently. This most often includes depression, anxiety, personality disorders, or schizophrenia. Some people begin drinking after a traumatic event, such as after a divorce or the death of a loved one. Drinking alcohol in an attempt to heal the pain of something from childhood is also common, such as mental, physical, or sexual abuse.  The root causes of alcoholism can also be things that are much less concrete in nature, such as being very unsure of oneself and one’s place in life, or in other words, not having a sense of self.

Physical and spiritual sources of addiction are perhaps less common, though they still occur frequently. Some people begin substance abuse in order to numb physical pain. Drinking in order to fall asleep easier at night can even be one element or contributing source of alcoholism. Major spiritual issues like a lack of meaning or direction in one’s life can also lead to substance abuse.


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