Services that Make Women More Successful in Addiction Treatment

April 8, 2008


Drug addiction and alcoholism are chronic diseases that cause many problems in the life of both men and women who suffer from them. Substance abuse occurs across all ages, occupations, races, and backgrounds.

However, there are some aspects of substance abuse and getting treatment for it that are unique to the situations of women. This may make it more difficult for them to get the help that they need in order to change their lives.One of the things that can make a drug rehab program more accessible to and work better for women is providing comprehensive services. These things will allow them to overcome the many of the logistic and psychological barriers that they have in order to beat substance abuse. Many of the concerns are especially difficult issues for women who don’t have financial resources or a good support system. Incidentally, these are the people who need to have quality addiction treatment made available to them the most. For example, finding childcare can be a major concern for a woman who needs addiction treatment, especially if she is a single mother. Simply getting transportation to and from a rehab center may also be an issue.

Research shows that providing a number of additional services makes women more successful and allows them the opportunity to finish a program. These include many forms of social services, such as family planning, parenting classes, family counseling, legal help, job counseling, educational opportunities, medical care, mental health care for dual diagnosis, marriage counseling, and even the basic necessities of food, clothing, and shelter. There is a difficulty in finding the financial resources to provide these things for patients, but they have been show to provide a great benefit in drug and alcohol addiction treatment for individuals who would otherwise be unable to get it.


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