Substance Abuse Resources-A Fact File on LSD Drug Addiction

May 1, 2008


LSD stands for lysergic acid diethylamide. It is a very addictive drug that is used by substance abusers all over the world due to its pronounced effects of creating a false sense of felicity. The drug has hallucinogenic effects and can alter moods.

That is the reason many people who are into substance abuse will use this drug when they are depressed and create a euphoric state of happiness for themselves. Some other names for LSD include microdots, blotter and acid.LSD is called microdots because of the common way of sucking it from small square pieces of blotting paper. But there are also other methods to consume LSD – there are capsules that can be orally consumed, for one.

The main reason why people prefer LSD drug abuse is because of the very pronounce hallucinogenic effects that they have. Users feel that they are levitating, they see the surroundings around themselves dissolving and they get a very comfortable feeling of timelessness. However, it must be noted that in some people who use LSD there may be no effects felt at all, because of their own bodily resistance. In that manner, LSD is not a universally acting drug but can cause drug addiction.

LSD effects can last for as long as 12 hours and in a strange phenomenon, effects of the drug can return at a later date without the person actually using the drug again. The person may also see the same effects as that time, as they show in the flashbacks at the movies.

But, an overdose of LSD can lead to coma and even death. Mild health effects are convulsions, slurring while talking, insomnia and an accelerated heart rate.


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