Substance Abuse Resources-Drug Rehab in Delaware

May 6, 2008

Due to the low population of the state of Delaware, the problem of drug addiction is quite concentrated here. Fewer people means an easy accessibility for the substance and that is something which is putting the authorities in a tight spot.

From the approximately 900,000 people that Delaware state has, about 8,000 people check into centers for alcohol and drug rehab in Delaware each year. If you think in terms of percentages, then that is a very significant number.The most problematic drug in the state of Delaware is heroin. Out of the people who check into drug rehab in Delaware each year, about 27% are with a heroin addiction. The supply comes in from New York and Philadelphia mostly and stays here. In recent years, Delaware has been able to get a supply of high grade heroin which is definitely making the problem bigger. Cocaine remains famous in Delaware too, in both the crack and the powder forms and there is a continuous stream coming in from other states into Delaware. As in all other states of America, the addiction of crystal meth is also a growing problem.

Finding drug rehab in Delaware is not a problem. The Internet is of great assistance here, and you can search for drug rehab in your specific city. Newark and Wilmington have some of the best facilities for drug rehab in Delaware, closely followed by Delaware City and Dover. You will also find good options for drug rehab in Delaware in Claymont, Georgetown, Middletown, New Castle and Selbyville.


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