Substance Abuse Resources-How Alcohol Addiction Damages the Global Economy

April 30, 2008


This might be a very expansive topic to speak about, but it is still important to know that alcohol addiction is not an individual, or even a family, problem. This is a national problem, and you won’t be at fault if you consider it to be a global problem too.

On a worldwide scale, there are 76.3 millions of people who are using alcohol in a compulsive manner (WHO statistics). These people are from all over the world, but the highest number of alcohol addicts comes from the South American countries, Mexico and Russia. These are also the countries that have the highest number of alcohol related health problems in their people.Now, just spare a moment to think how much work time must be getting reduced due to these people getting so much hooked on alcohol and suffering the various health problems it brings on. You have to also take into account the number of days that people take leave just because of a hangover of the last night. All this may sound quite docile on paper, but in reality, it means a huge volume of work hours wasted due to alcohol addiction.

Studies conducted by WHO indicate that 58.3 million years are wasted because of alcohol related disabilities. This is a global figure. Collectively, it means that 4% of the total time available to the world population today to work and build something constructive is wasted. This is certainly a colossal global loss.

Considering all these facts and figures, it is very easily understandable that alcohol abuse is not just a personal problem. It is a far-reaching problem that is jeopardizing global economy in a large way.


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