Substance Abuse-What are the Types of Substance Abuse Treatments?

April 26, 2008

Substance abuse is not a new happening for humankind, because intoxicating ingredients were available to humankind ever since human history began, and maybe even before that. However, though we cannot say that our ancestors took these ingredients in moderation, we can safely say that the amount of substance abuse has increased since the past few years. The most common substance abuses are drug addiction and alcohol addiction.

There are many substance abuse treatment centers all over the world today. These substance abuse treatment centers have qualified and experienced medical talent at hand to cure the world of their substance abuses. These substance abuse treatment centers use the dual policies of medical treatment as well as psychological treatment. First, they use medicines like antidepressants, painkillers, etc. to suppress the cravings for drugs or alcohol during the withdrawal period. They also have medicines for the detoxification process of the body.

The main aim of these substance abuse treatment centers is to bring back the addict into the social life as soon as possible. The medicines also ensure that the addict will not have a craving for the drugs at any later stage. These medicines also help a lot in realigning the brain-map of the individual to a certain level. There are quite a few hospitals and medical institutions that have their own substance abuse treatment centers.

Residential treatment is one of the most popular types of substance abuse treatment centers. With this treatment, the addict has to live in as an inpatient in a community setting for a period of six months to a year under medical care.


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