Teen Drug Abuse and Drug Addiction

April 28, 2008

Drug addiction has always been a major problem the world has had to contend with, but in recent times this problems is slipping to the lower-age population of society with amazing alacrity. It is alarming enough to know that 20% of the teenagers in the eighth grade in the US have already tried marijuana and that 40% of the teenage population says openly that they do not mind using drugs in the future.

With the situation as drastic as this, there is no wonder that both governments and general society is taking huge strides in fighting substance abuse in teenagers.Why is the issue of teen drug abuse so very significant? Is it more dangerous than adult drug abuse? These questions can be easily answered by someone who knows the kinds of biological changes that are happening in teenagers, especially between the ages of 12 and 15 years. For boys, this is the age of puberty. This is the time when their bodies are adjusting to male adulthood, and their brain is getting equipped with the hormones and other chemicals that will guide it through adulthood.

However, if the person begins to consume drugs at this stage in life, they will seriously interfere with the working of the brain. In fact, the brain will never be able to reach full adult maturity and will always remain underdeveloped. Some of the things that can happen due to such poor development is that the child will grow up to be a slow thinker, will not be able to rationalize things and will not be able to master professional skills that he or she will require in further life.

It is very important for us to sit up and take notice of the issue of teen drug abuse. Working in tandem with the drug rehabilitation centers of the world, global societies must try to address this problem. Or we will leave behind a generation of mentally lacking people in this world when we pass on.


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