The Dangers of Substance Abuse

April 6, 2008


Substance abuse is an incredibly important subject that many consciously look over or around. Substance abuse can ruin someone’s life; drug abuse can cause someone to lose everything they have. They get lost in the haze of substance abuse, and often fail to recognize the effects that the abuse is having on their body. Those around them understand the issues that arise, but many do not understand the dangers that come with substance abuse.

Depending on the substance that is being abused, health is a huge dangerous factor of drug abuse. Any substance that can be abused can be dangerous to the body; drugs can cause harm. Alcohol can harm internal organs. Pills and the like, taken in a wrong combination, can be harmful and fatal. Substance abuse can hurt or kill the user. This is the immediate danger of substance abuse.

Substance abuse can cause someone to ruin the relationships that they have in their life. Those under the influence often do not understand their actions or words. Unfortunately, these words and actions can hurt family members and friends. These family members and friends become tired of the individual with the drug addiction; relationships become damaged, and can be ruined beyond repair.

The money spent on substance abuse can cause major financial problems for the user. If they are using their rent, car, or grocery money on the substances that they are abusing, they will begin to lose their car and their home. They can go days without eating, all for their substance abuse habits.

Substance abuse can be dangerous in multiple ways. It can be harmful to someone’s health. Substance abuse can ruin relationships. Substance abuse can make those with the issue blow through their money and forget their basic needs. It is important to understand the dangers of substance abuse so that you may help someone who is suffering.


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