The Job of an Addiction Interventionist

March 27, 2008


An addiction interventionist is an individual who helps families plan and carry out drug and alcohol interventions. They help make sure that the process is accomplished in a calm and constructive manner.

Many experts recommend that a professional should be involved in this process. There are a number of details that go into planning an effective intervention, and many skills are necessary to ensure that it has the best chances of success. Without involving someone who has professional experience in this area, there is a risk of angering and alienating the addict and making the situation even worse than it already was.Interventionists should have had specific training in the execution of these meetings. Simply being knowledgeable about drug addiction or alcoholism and psychology is not enough due to the types of situations that can arise during an intervention. A professional should know how to talk to the addict in a manner that will encourage them to seek addiction treatment, and they should let family members and friends know how to do the same thing. It is essential that concern is expressed in a caring and meaningful way.

The interventionist should prepare participants for what they can expect during the meeting. They should help family members develop effective consequences that will be carried out for the addict in the event that an addition treatment program is refused. Loved ones need to be taught how to present facts at the intervention in a strong manner without berating the addict for prior behaviors. The interventionist’s primary role is moderating the discussion.

The main goal of an intervention is to get the individual into a rehab facility. The addict must agree to go to an addiction treatment program immediately or endure consequences of not doing so. A professional interventionist can dramatically increase the chances of that happening.


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