The Multiple Problems of Alcohol Abuse and Drug Abuse in Washington

May 18, 2008

The state of Washington is suffering from various problems brought in the wake of its rising drug and alcohol abuse and addiction problem. These problems range from the individual health problems to social impact to the poor performance of the state economy.

Considering all these problems, it is clear to understand why Washington is so determined in eradicating the various kinds of addictions from the state and looking forward to becoming a completely sober state.The following are the problems that are caused by drug and alcohol addiction in Washington. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but does give an indication of the extent of the problems:-

1. Due to the large number of people into alcohol and drug abuse in Washington, the state has begun performing badly on the whole. People who are into abuse or addiction remain absent from their work a lot and do not put in their best at work. In addition, the companies may have to directly spend on their addiction treatment in Washington due to the employer initiative programs. All this leads to a loss of efficiency and productivity.
2. Families are bearing the brunt of the problem of drug and alcohol abuse in Washington. There are constant altercations within families due to the addiction and the stress levels are definitely high. People living in the same house as an addict are on the verge of developing mental conditions themselves.
3. Children are showing a decreased performance in school. A lot of young children are taking up alcohol abuse in Washington. Since children get hooked very easily, they can very soon get converted to dependents and may perform poorly in their academic pursuits.
4. Addiction has also brought the crime rate high. Crime is committed under influence of alcohol or drugs either intentionally or unintentionally. However, these are becoming extremely serious issues in Washington.


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