This is What you Must Look for on a Website for an Alcohol Rehab or Drug Rehab in Connecticut

May 10, 2008

Connecticut is one of the most advanced states of America and it is no wonder that this state has a large number of alcohol rehab and drug rehab facilities for people who are reeling under addictions. Each of these rehab centers also have very helpful websites of their own from where you can pick out a lot of info about the ways they work and where they are located, etc. But there are some specific things that you need to look into.

Number one, you should check out the physical location of the center. You know you have this drug rehab or alcohol rehab in Connecticut, but you need to know where exactly. Find one that’s close to your home so that you can attend all the counseling programs of the aftercare easily.

Second, look for complete information on the way the rehab center will function. If a lot of things are ambiguous, it is best to drop that website and look for another. A good website will tell you what they will exactly do. Remember that drug and alcohol rehab in Connecticut does not follow the same pattern throughout. So, you will need to check up on the policies of every rehab center. What goes on with one will not go on with another.

Then you have to see what features the program will have. Will there be pretreatment and post-treatment counseling? Will it have a detox? Such are the things you need to find answers too.

It is best that the drug or alcohol rehab in Connecticut you are looking at has accreditation from a national institute. It is also imperative that they have licenses to operate in the state.

If anything is ambiguous call up the 800 number on their website and ask. If they don’t have an 800 number, it is best to give them a miss.


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