Treatment Program for Heroin Addiction in Delaware using Methadone

June 18, 2008

Methadone has been used in heroin addiction treatment in Delaware for more than three decades now. Though new methods of treatment have come into prominence, such as LAAM and buprenorphine, the popularity of methadone remains unshaken. It must be known though, that methadone is an opioid just as heroin is, but with no adverse effects on health if administered under supervision. Methadone is used in heroin detox treatment in Delaware only in an inpatient setting for this reason.

The main purpose of methadone in the drug treatment program in Delaware is that it suppresses the craving for heroin. As long as a person is on methadone, he or she will not feel the urge much for heroin. The effects of a single dose of methadone can stay for two to three days, which becomes very effective in the overall drug detox for heroin.

When you seek treatment in a heroin rehab center in Delaware, you will see that methadone is the preferred mode of treatment over others. This is because methadone, though dangerous when taken in large doses, does not interfere with the normal activities of the person. Though it is an opioid, it will not cause any euphoria of its own. But, it can produce a withdrawal effect if it is suddenly stopped. That is the reason, the treatment provider will phase out methadone quite slowly. As the urge for heroin deceases, the administration of methadone is also reduced.

Methadone has reactions with other drugs that the person may be taking, even for therapeutic reasons. Hence, before methadone treatment, the treatment provider will conduct a complete assessment of the patient’s medical condition, including the prescription drugs that they may be using.


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