Trends of Drug Abuse and Drug Addiction in Colorado

May 16, 2008

The following are some points that show how intensive the problems of drug abuse and drug addiction in Colorado are.

1. The state of Colorado gets most of its drug supply from outside states and countries. Among the states, California is the major supply of most drugs into Colorado and among the countries, it is Mexico. Drugs from California and Mexico are brought into Colorado by illegal drug trafficking organizations.
2. The major drugs that have come in lately into Colorado are cocaine, heroin and marijuana. Though these are locally available also, the influx from outer states and countries has increased in recent times. The internal demand from the state itself is an important contributor to this increased supply.
3. Recently, the youth population of Colorado has taken up into the so-called club drug. The most popularly used club drug in Colorado is methamphetamine. Methamphetamine addiction in Colorado is definitely on the rise and this is again due to imports. 80% of the methamphetamine in Colorado is imported, mostly from Mexico.
4. Though the amount of usage of heroin has not decreased, the number of people who are taking admissions into centers for heroin rehab in Colorado has slightly dropped in the last few years. This is actually a more difficult proposition, because it means that there are a larger number of heroin addicts in Colorado that are not receiving proper treatment.
5. The drug that causes the highest number of fatalities in Colorado is cocaine. Most of these deaths are due to overdose of the drug.


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