Understanding the Day Treatment Program for Alcohol Abuse in Vermont

July 9, 2008

Most people who are into alcohol abuse in Vermont are not seeking any kind of treatment because they feel that they will have to give up their social or career obligations if they do so. There are many teenagers who are into alcohol addiction in Vermont, so the question of having to forgo school can also arise. Whatever the case may be, this kind of thinking is keeping people out of the right kind of addiction treatment in Vermont. That is the reason the day treatment program in Vermont has become so very popular.

The biggest advantage of the day treatment program is that is a program for moderate cases of alcohol addiction, but at the same time, it does not isolate the patient or isolate them in a treatment center so that they have to give up on the routine things they do in life. Instead, this program treats the addiction and at the same time, trains the people on how they can become more socially active. The main theory of the day treatment program is to instill the sense of social and familial and even career responsibilities in the individual, which can help them come out of their addiction and look at life in a more meaningful way.

The day addiction treatment program in Vermont is generally carried on for three to four hours a day and the person has to check in for treatment at a treatment center which usually follows a clinical setting. The program is usually a whole week program, though some centers may give the weekends free.


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