What is the Need for Family Inclusive Drug Addiction Treatment and Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Kentucky?

May 15, 2008

Like almost all other states of America, even Kentucky which has a huge addiction problem of its own, is realizing the fact that the family is an important block in the entire treatment program. That is the reason why many counseling programs for addiction treatment in Kentucky are now veering towards bringing in the family in the overall treatment. There are at least three major reasons for this change in perspective.

1. The family is now being considered as a codependent in the person’s addiction. Until recently, the family was a major factor in bringing the patient to full recovery, but now the perspective is that the family may actually be thwarting treatment by shielding the patient from the consequences of his or her addiction. This situation can only be overcome by making the family understand the results of keeping the patient away from fully understanding his or her condition in this manner.
2. The second reason is that the family can be a vital force in the overall treatment of the person. The addiction treatment program in Kentucky understands that the family can morally encourage the patient and help in a very large way for the patient to overcome withdrawal. In fact, intervention in Kentucky is not conceivable without using the family of the person.
3. The third most important and most prevailing factor is that a family that does not know how to cope with the addiction will push the person further into mental complications and even create a relapse by making the person feel guilty about what he or she did, after the recovery. That is why Kentucky is now taking measures to counsel families in the right manner to cope with addiction problems.


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