What must you keep in Mind before joining a Herbal Treatment Program for Alcohol Addiction in Arkansas?

May 31, 2008

Like in other states of America, Arkansas has also seen a lot of herbal centers for addiction treatment in recent times. These do sound to be very convenient, especially as they do not seem to user synthetic medications for the detox and use only Ayurveda herbs which seem to be much safer and convenient. Just as in other things, it seems a good way to go green in addiction treatment too. Arkansans have taken to this theory quite warmly. But what exactly is herbal addiction treatment? Is it reliable? Let us see some answers.

First of all, do not think that the herbal addiction treatment in Arkansas will be any simpler than the traditional addiction treatment. You will have to stay in a facility here where you will have to practice complete abstinence from alcohol. Of course, this will bring on the withdrawal symptoms. The herbal health practitioners will provide you will the therapies that you will need to overcome these withdrawal symptoms. But the basic difference here is that these therapies will be done by strictly herbal methods. No synthetic substance is going to be pumped in your body.

The detox program in Arkansas on these herbal lines can go up to three to seven days, but in some people this can be much longer. Then these people will be given a lot of spiritual grounding and will be helped by massage and meditation methods like Yoga to overcome their urges for the alcohol.

You must find out if such an addiction treatment program in Arkansas has a state license to operate or not. Being an alternative form of medicine, it is most lively that they won’t have. In that case, you need to be very sure that you want to join such a treatment program and check up on their references.


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