Why does Heroin Treatment in Arkansas always include a Detox Program?

June 2, 2008

You will be hard-pressed to find a heroin treatment program in Arkansas that does not have a detoxification program at the outset. All heroin addiction treatment programs in the state first begin with a detox program and then go on to aftercare programs that include a counseling therapy and educational training about heroin among other things. But the commencement of the program is always through a heroin detox program.

The heroin detox program in Arkansas aims at biologically purifying the person from the accumulation of the substance. If a person has been consuming heroin for some time, then there is every possibility that there must be heroin accumulation within his or her body. This can have several adverse effects on the body and hence need to be removed before the treatment can begin.

One of the main things to remember about heroin is that it is a highly stimulating drug. It can produce a very quick euphoria because it stimulates the brain exceedingly quickly. Gradually, the brain begins getting used to heroin and then it wants more and more of the substance. This is the reason why a person with a heroin addiction in Arkansas will use more of the substance as their addiction gets older. This may also bring on the possibility of an overdose. There have been a large number of heroin related deaths in Arkansas, all of which have been due to overdose.

As long as there is any heroin residual within the body, the person will feel an urge for more of the substance. That is one more reason why the heroin needs to be removed from the body. This is the basic premise of the heroin detox program in Arkansas.


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